03rd June 2016 | 6pm to 11pm

LimeWharf presents: The ShayShay Show – Every Friday through June & July

Coming Friday June 3rd… The ShayShay Show!
~**A summer full of drag, drinks*, dancing and showing off**~

Every Friday, come on down and drag on up. Because after The ShayShay Show ends, it’s off to Savage!

There will be shows. There will be games. There will be shit prizes from PoundLand. And each week there will be a…SHOWOFF SHOWDOWN

Every Friday night, a slew of performers will take to the LimeWharf stage to give us life! And you can be one of them!

If you sing/dance/juggle/bark/lipsync/vogue/all of the above, you get 5 minutes to wow the crowd! We launch June 3rd, so email ShayShay at to claim your five minutes of fame. The top show-off of the each week will get free entry & 3 drink tokens at Savage!

First Hurrah: Friday 3rd June
Doors and bar open at 6pm
SHAYnanigans at 7!
£5 entry


Date: 03rd June 2016 - 29th July 2016

To Book: