30th June 2016 | 8pm to midnight Doors open at 7pm

Robert Hesp: Dance Residency & HARD C*CK performance

A man dances in the space, a blur of rosy tissue and liquid mass sliding over shifting ground. Threads of whipped candy and shining flesh bounce and spin in the artificial luminance. A face of silver and pink, eyes bright, scanning the trembling edge of the circle for signs of joy and reconnection.


HARD C*CK is a 50 minute performance celebration by Robert Hesp; an open look at ideas of sexual autonomy, identity and fragility and an attempt to rediscover the pleasure of skin and bone in a live space.

A piece for me, for you, for the void and the person on the other side of the laptop screen.

Scenography by Rosie Elnile, lighting design by Joshua Gadsby, and dramaturgy by Richard Dodwell. Supported with funding from the Arts Council England.

Dancer Robert Hesp will be resident at LimeWharf for the week commencing 27 June running “open studio” and fully accessible workshops around the themes of sexual autonomy, identity and fragility.

Advance £4 On the door £6

Date: 30th June 2016 - 02nd July 2016

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