Big Picture Days (4 of 6): Meta-Nomadism and The Lifestyle Hackers
Big Picture Days (4 of 6): Meta-Nomadism and The Lifestyle Hackers

Big Picture Days (4 of 6): Meta-Nomadism and The Lifestyle Hackers

Saturday 12 Oct 2013 11:00

Big Picture Days (4 of 6): Meta-Nomadism and The Lifestyle Hackers


11am – 5pm October 12th and 13th


The next Big Picture Day is on NewNomadism and the Lifestyle Hackers on Saturday & Sunday October 12-13th at LimeWharf. This event will be run as part of the Transeuropafestivalorganised by European Alternatives. European Alternatives is a transnational organisation promoting democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state.


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The ground is shifting, the landscape is changing and new migratory patterns are on the rise. As the first effects of austerity are felt, the necessity to dramatically rethink the social and geo-spatial infrastructure that underpins our everyday existence has never been so vital.


Lifestyle hackers are facilitating the birth of the New-Nomad and the emergence of these new nomadic classes may propose more than a coping mechanism for economic reactionaries – the hacking and protocolization of ones lifestyle could in fact point to an entirely new way of existing in the world. As new services such as AirBnB, Bitcoin and Task Rabbit are introduced into the built environment of the mainstream , our options for how the game is played expand – right now they’re expanding exponentially.


This event’s primary focus will be on those who are choosing to live differently, examining the culture that is being built, the facilities created and how we might collectively advance its development.


This is our chance to reset the narrative about what is happening, and perhaps emerge with some new ideas about what to do next.


“…increase the chaos. In terms of probability enhancement, it’s now considerably less likely that you will achieve economic success via internal promotion and hard work than it is through serendipitous encounters with people who need your skills. If you do not live somewhere with sufficient economic dynamism to provide an appropriate level of chaos, then move. End of. Economic nomadism has been the story of mankind for all but a tiny fraction of the last million years. And lastly…


Obey the law, ignore the rules. “ – Gordon White :: There Is The Rescue Mission And The Salvage Mission



Vinay Gupta introduces Big Picture Days & Introduction to LimeWharf for Thomas Ermacora in absentia.

Elf Pavlik – Living #Moneyless and #Stateless

Ben Vickers – Bad Nomadism: What I’ve learnt from my incompetencies

Steve Wheeler – Songlines and Sheeptracks: Nomadism as Navigation

Alex Fradera – Lifestyle Improvising

Brett Scott – Open Source Finance Hacking

Williow Brugh (Video Skype Q&A)


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    Oct . 12 . 2013

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