Ermacora presents: Images not to be seen but rather envisioned


Ermacora presents: Images not to be seen but rather envisioned

Opening night: 4 Dec, 6-9pm, Ten Meters of Thinking performance at 7:30pm (45 mins)
Ongoing: 5-11 Dec, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

“Knowledge is a human right. However, it is not just about the access to knowledge, but more importantly it is about the application of Knowledge and the Creation of Knowledge as a human right” – Paul Hughes.

The challenges of today cannot be solved with the answers of yesterday. The creation of new knowledge is necessary at all levels of our society; at the level of individuals, the level of our interactions and the level of our institutions.

Much work has been done on the access to knowledge, some work has been done on the application of knowledge, yet it is the concept of the creation of knowledge that needs to be addressed.

This exhibition presents a collection of Paul Hughes’ OPUS numbers, Opus coming from the Latin meaning “work”. These visual aphorisms act as accelerators of the mind and spurs to action.

“Often my OPUS numbers are designed to be suggestive – because I believe the best lessons are ‘not taught but are caught’. I’m interested in creating images that are not seen but rather are envisioned. This allows each individual space to create their own meaning.” – Paul Hughes.

These OPUS numbers are “the greatest quantity & quality of thought in the smallest space.” Each OPUS number is conceived as a dot of condensed knowledge. An infinite number of constellations of Opus numbers can be curated, each creating new knowledge.

When OPUS numbers come together, they create an Opera, Opera being the plural of Opus. From this growing collection of OPUS numbers an infinite variety of constellations can be curated, bringing forth infinite new knowledge.

In his performances, where he draws live as he speaks, along ten meters of paper, Paul Hughes presents these different constellations of Opus numbers in an ‘opera’, he calls Ten Meters of Thinking. To address today’s challenges, action has to start at the level of the individual. The exhibited OPUS numbers are communal concepts, brought to life through individual meaning. You are invited to curate your own collection of dots, your own constellation of OPUS numbers, your own Opera.

This “Images, not to be seen, but rather envisioned” exhibit is curated and designed by AKKA.
AKKA is an architecture and design consultancy firm, specialised in creating spaces to foster interactions. Driven by the vision of Architecting Interaction, AKKA’s work explores how interactions can be fostered on a scale of interventions. On one hand, it is a scale ranging from products & furniture, to interiors & exhibition design, to buildings & urban interventions. On the other hand, AKKA’s scale also spans from the individual, to communities to organisations to society. “I do not believe in designing interactions, instead we need to design the contexts for interactions to emerge”; believes Stephanie Akkaoui, founder of AKKA, “Interactions are the main seeds of innovation and knowledge creation”.
In this exhibit, Architecting Interaction translates Paul Hughes’ vision of the Creation of Knowledge into a context that fosters interactions. Artefacts are exhibited to stimulate visitors to make their own connections, derive their own meaning and create their own knowledge.

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    Dec . 11 . 2014

  • Bad Santa’s Grotto
  • LimeWharf Maker Markets @MachinesRoom