First Thursday: After Dark
First Thursday: After Dark


First Thursday: After Dark

Delving into the twilight hours, this exhibition celebrates exhibitionism and showcases art which references or has been inspired by London’s club kids and the city’s alternative club scene. Looking back at seminal moments in underground clubbing history that have shifted British mainstream culture, from the 1980s right up until now, After Dark features a diverse selection of art, film & fashion emerging from the legacy of these eclectic, innovative & experimental times.
Show featuring: David Holah, Jeffrey Hinton, Joseph Wilson, Nathan French

David Holah: Holah’s practice explores notions of sexual identity, gender in a ‘transmorphic’ state, and the social perception of gender roles (feminine male or masculine female). The work contains suggestive symbolism concerning gender disguise and hidden elucidation. The work is self-indulgent and contains complex, subliminal elements that relate to his own history and personal sexual identity, and his interpretation of his feminine male role. Printmaking techniques are employed to explore the glamour and decoration of fashion in an amusing and camp framework.
Alongside Stevie Stewart, Holah founded Bodymap an influential British fashion label of the 1980s, renowned for its layered and innovatively structured shapes, distinctive prints and groundbreaking fashion shows. Bodymap outfits are displayed in museums world wide including the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Jeffrey Hinton – Life Is A Drag- The Medley:
Legendary deejay and archivist, Jeffrey Hinton’s latest film, Life Is A Drag – The Medley is a visual diary, a fascinating exploration into the world he inhabits, scenes of experimental performance, moments captured with people long forgotten, an informed legacy that continues to inspire a younger generation. This montage of rare footage records the many creative people he has encountered in his social life including amateur drag performer Rose Marie, Hot Peaches performance troupe, disco diva Space Princess and even himself in drag from the 80s married with todays stars of drag Jonny Woo, Ma Butcher, Gay Bingo and Sink The Pink to name just a few. Jeffrey takes a dreamlike look inside a world that addresses gender and sexuality over three decades, exploring the fringes of self expression here flamboyance and glamour can be interpreted with a serious and reflective social agenda.
Hinton’s deejay career spans over 3 decades with residencies at clubs including Taboo, The Daisy Chain, Queer Nation, Dalston Superstore, Vogue Fabrics and East Bloc.

Joseph Wilson – Drag Is My Ecstasy:
Once a month, The Bethnal Green working men’s club hosts East London’s most infamous queer night, Sink The Pink.The night is hosted by a mix of eclectic drag queens who entertain and take spectators on a journey into their spectacular world. It’s a night that truly has to be seen to be believed. From director and producer Joseph Wilson comes Drag Is My Ecstasy, is a new short film exploring the lives of three of Sink the Pink’s most beloved performers, both in and out of drag. Join Alexus De Luxe, Oozing Gloop and Jonbenet Blonde as they provide you, the audience, with an access all areas insight into their highly entertaining, endearing and thought provoking lives.
Joseph Wilson is a London based film-maker and photographer.

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    Sep . 26 . 2014

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