Goodbye to London // This Dancefloor Isn’t Here Anymore

Goodbye to London // This Dancefloor Isn’t Here Anymore


Goodbye to London // This Dancefloor Isn’t Here Anymore

Queers! Is this the end of London? Or is it the beginning?

This is a one-night living archive of transient queer spaces and moments, thru performance, thru intimacy.

Tonight, Valentine’s Night, is our night, to celebrate our history together, to celebrate our love, in all its unique and polymorphous forms. On Valentines we pay respect to the London we know is more and more under threat.

Queers? We have devised an entertainment for you!

Tonight, we remember the club-nights and bars, squats, cruising areas, cafes, living rooms, activist groups, support groups, youth groups, festivals that have gone before us, the memories that live in places that no longer exist.

D Mortimer 
Emie // Eva-Marie Elg
Ernesto Sarezale
Jen Smethurst
Mystical Femmes
Natalie Wearden
Sebastian H-W
The Friends of the Joiners Arms
Yani B and Cremosa

Have you ever fallen in love on the dancefloor?

Can you still taste the freedom and fear the first time you kissed another queer person (/in public)?

Do you remember taking your taking your first pill?

Have you ever fallen in love with a room full of strangers all at once?

Can you imagine, beyond surviving in London, what would it look like for us to thrive, to flourish?


We Are The Susan Sontag of The 90s Presents: Goodbyeee to London, a night of fabulous, freaky, loving, lustful, wistful fisting performance, spoken word, and wateva! Cum COME! kerm?


ENTRY: £5 average/£10 well-waged/£20 if any of you are rolling in it, redistribute yr wealth fuckers. No one turned away for lack of funds.
All the money taken on the door will be split evenly between the performers.

Accessibility info:

Limewharf is a fully wheelchair accessible venue, with accessible entrance and toilets.

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    Feb . 13 . 2018

  • The TheyThey Show: Non-binary performance night
  • The ShayShay Show= Lunar New Queer