Homos and Houmous

Homos and Houmous

Homos and Houmous

Welcoming all hebrews, shebrews and theybrews, goys and gals. (All welcome)

Homos and Houmous is a queer, Jewish performance nightwhich is returning for its long-awaited second installment. So bring your gay cousin, your nan and your rabbi down to Limewharf, a beatiful queer DIY performance space in Bethnal Green for a night of music, drag, cabaret, poetry.

Most aspects of life require the closeting of one or both of these aspects of our identity. We’re often torn between these two separate cultures. So join us for an evening of performance, exploring what queer Jews have to offer.

Headliners include: Lora Zepam (Guy Sharpstone), Theresa Dismay, Kayla Martell Feldman, and ROKHL & RAE with more acts to come.

Event artwork by James Torrente Galdez.

Open slots will be available (4 mins). Please get in contact with your host Channukah Lewinsky, on Facebook at Dex Chait Grodner, or email at daniel.grodner@hotmail.co.uk New artists/work encouraged.

Last even was a sell-out so get your tickets while they last.
Expect nudity, strong language and decadent semitic undertones.

Show starts at 8.15.


Lora Zepam’s good North London Jewish upbringing has driven her to stripping to pay her way through medical school and keep her heimische parents schlepping nachas. Expect an entrancing, hypnotic experience followed by the best sleep of your life.

Theresa Dismay was born on the 23th July 2016, that wonderful day when order was restored, and the current PM moved into Downing Street. Theresa enjoys long walks along borders (perennials are her faves), and listening to the sound of her own voice. Theresa is thrilled to be addressing the Homos and Hummous conference this November, and engaging in another of her favourite pastimes, meeting the people.

Kayla is a writer and director who recently graduated from the M.A. Theatre Directing course at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She regularly performs spoken word at various London venues, most recently at Herstory Feminist Theatre Festival at The Bunker Theatre with her one-woman show “Hear Me Out”, and “Pussy Liquor: Summer of Love” at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. She is a Genesis Poetry Slam winner and regular poet at Vogue Fabrics and Extra Second London.

ROKHL & RAE co-starring in: ‘Daddy, Can You Hear Me?!’
A New Butch-Femme Odyssey. Co-devised with Rachel Sparks.

Saint Torrente is a musician and artist based in South East London. Bringing together pop music, avant garde theatre and drag, their work explores contemporary culture through a queer outsider’s lens.

Rosamund Zipporah is young non binary poet born and raised in East London and driven to writing by their year 8 jewish studies teacher who hated the fact that a femme was better at torah interpretations than him


Limewharf as a venue is on one ground floor. It is close to Cambridge Heath Station and a roughly 10 minute walk from Bethnal Green Station. Entrance is across an are of cobbled street. Toilet inside is spatious but down a long corridor with multiple doors. For more information or for any specific access requirements, please contact Channukah (Dex Grodner) and we’ll do what we can. Details as above. Homos and Houmous will not turn away those who cannot pay entry fee.

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    Nov . 09 . 2017

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