LimeWharf presents Bruce Dalzell Atherton ‘Interdependence’
LimeWharf presents Bruce Dalzell Atherton ‘Interdependence’

LimeWharf presents Bruce Dalzell Atherton ‘Interdependence’


Thursday 5 December

LimeWharf presents Bruce Dalzell Atherton ‘Interdependence’


The exhibition explores the idea that we and nature are interdependent with one influencing and creating the other.


Union with nature should be seen as a beautiful thing, and often in today’s society we feel erroneously that we are separate from nature. The paintings on show represent two very different approaches to understanding and expressing this relationship in a strongly visual way.


One series of the works are made with very aggressively contrasting colours and yet held in a powerful balance to show how opposing ideas can be brought together in a harmonious yet conscious way. The other series of works deal more with how we are connected both emotionally and physically with our environment. Together the two different approaches act as a beautiful counterpoint, one to the other.


“The exhibition deals with a theme that has been fundamental in my research for many years; the idea that we are constantly forming our own reality, and the concepts that we believe in form both our own physicality and are projected outwards to form the physicality of the world around us. These concepts are constantly changing and so too is the way we perceive ourselves and our surroundings. To capture this feeling the paintings are designed to show how ever-changing we seem to be, but also that there is great potential in such a flexible state to change at any time both ourselves and the world around us. “


Bruce was working for many years as an official portrait artist for the Vatican in Rome, and was also exhibiting at an international level with the galleries Cannaviello and Magrorocca in Milan. The works on show represent a chance to see some of his new works, which are being exhibited for the first time.

For more information on the artist, please visit: www.bruceatherton.com

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    Dec . 05 . 2013

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