Lucy McRae-The Biological Bakery, Music Video launch party
Lucy McRae-The Biological Bakery, Music Video launch party

Lucy McRae-The Biological Bakery, Music Video launch party

Wednesday 18 Dec 2013 19:00

The Biological Bakery – GUESTLIST NOW CLOSED


The ‘Biological Bakery’ is open for business. Come and experience a live laboratory where edible body parts are produced in a DIY assembly line. Enter the set of hot Aussie pop band Architecture in Helsinki’s ‘Dream A Little Crazy’ music video created by Lucy McRae, Thomas Ermacora, Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl. Exclusive DJ set performed by lead vocalist Cameron Bird.


The Biological Bakery, is a DIY bio–fabrication laboratory operated by Dr Bird, accompanied by cloned assistants conducting a series of trials, replicating living archives of himself and family. His perfected process is accidentally contaminated resulting in a new fantastical living skin shining light on the black swans of innovation.


Maverick Aussie Pop Band Architecture In Helsinki are soon to release their 5th studio album ‘NOW 4EVA’. Expanding on the thriving dance-pop ecosystem of their most recent LP ‘Moment Bends’, their forthcoming album hinges on the kinetic energy shared by AIH’s five members as well as their mutual and unwavering love for upfront Pop Music. Their current single ‘Dream a Little Crazy’ is a joy filled tune powerfully crafted for a generation of anti-gloom futurists.



What you’re in for.

Exclusive DJ set &

sub sonic body shakes, Synthetic synaesthesia, half baked bio metrics, audible organs, Cymatic cocktails


Wear Whites





Lab Address:

LimeWharf, Vyner Street

E2 9DJ, London

Bethnal Green Tube 7min walk

Limited tickets available! RSVP essential: biobakery@limewharf.org


Creative team:

>Lucy McRae is a Body Architect exploring the relationship between the body, technology and the grey areas of synthetic and organic materials http://www.lucymcrae.net/

>Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield are a creative duo operating at the convergence of design, architecture and science. They create experiences and environments that allow people to dream, re-imagine and collaboratively create new visions for our future. http://loop.ph

>Thomas Ermacora is a creative director and futurist working in the fields of architecture, newmedia, food and technology, also founder and director of LimeWharf – a Hackney based cultural innovation hub and artistic laboratory. Latest music video he directed – Imogen Heap, Heapsong


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    Dec . 18 . 2013

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