Maricumbia 4
Maricumbia 4

Maricumbia 4

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Maricumbia is back next Friday on the 25th for our 4° rumba at LimeWharf. Suggested entry is £3, but pay what you can. All is chill!

At every Maricumbia, we use the money raised from the entrance fee to donate to the Latin American Disabled People’s Project, an organisation run by volunteers. We need to support our community as cuts to welfare and services increase, since cuts make life more and more difficult for our black and brown communities. Our support and solidarity is imperative.

Ask people’s pronouns, respect their space, and share love and solidarity with each other. Check out access and travel info below.

If you have any song requests, please post them on our Maricumbia page.We will also have a request sheet next to the DJs on the night. We’ll do our best, but can’t guarantee that all requests will be played. Think: old school salsa, bachata, cumbia, R&B, hip hop, reggaetón, Brazilian funk, cheesy pop, camp electro club hits, and more!


¡Hola muchachxs de todos géneros!

¡MARICUMBIA! vuelve a LimeWharf, en el este de Londres.

Trae a tu queridx, tus amigxs, tu camisa más fresca y agua bendita que va haber CALOR. Salsa tradicional, bachata, cumbia, R&B, hip hop, reggaetón, funk brasileiro, pop cursi, éxitos de discoteca bien maricas, ¡y más!


This night aims to provide a space for everyone, from your suavest butch reggaetonero to your gringa who’s always wanted to dance salsa with a bunch of queers. We are inclusive of all dancing abilities and styles!

We welcome all humans as long as we all respect that this is a primarily POC and trans + queer centred night.

NO sexual harassment, NO racism/homophobia/biphobia/transphobia/ableism/sexism/hate! Please be aware of the space you occupy, and respect our space as Latinx-centred and run.

If you have any concerns before the night message us on here, or approach either the bar staff, or a DJ on the night.


Esta noche pretende proveer un espacio para todxs, desde lx marimacho reggaetonerx hasta la salsera gringa que siempre ha deseado bailar con maricas. ¡Somo inclusivos de todas habilidades y estilos de baile!

Todo el mundo es bienvenido mientras que todxs respetamos que esta noche es sobre todo centrada en personas POC, trans y queer.

¡NO toleramos el acoso sexual, NI el racismo/homofobia/bifobia/transfobia/capacitismo/sexismo/odio! Por favor sean conscientes del espacio en que ocupan, y respeten que es un espacio hecho por y para Latinxs.

Si tienen alguna pregunta o problema, pueden mandarnos un mensage aqui, o hablar con cualquier persona detrás del bar, o con un DJ.
Access Info:

The whole space, including the entrance, is fully wheelchair accessible. There are gender neutral toilets (also accessible). There is plently of wooden and cushioned seating with tables. There will be a seated area and dancing space around it reserved as a sober space. There are sober bar staff who have a great range of soft drinks and make great mocktails. Please be mindful and respectful of others in all spaces.

Entrance is £3 as a suggested donation [nobody turned away from lack of funds!]. Proceeds will go to the Latin American Disabled People’s Project, which is (like our night) run by volunteers. More info: http://www.ladpp.org.uk/about-us.html

¡Nos vemos!

El espacio entero, incluyendo la entrada, es completamente accesible para silla de ruedas. Hay tambien aseos de género neutro (accesibles). Hay mucho asiento de madera y con cojínes. Habrá una zona sentada y pista reservado como un espacio sobrio. Habrá personal del bar sobria que tienen una gran variedad de bebidas refrescantes y hacen muy buenos mocktails. Por favor sean conscientes y respetuosxs con lxs demás en todos los espacios.

La entrada es £3 como donación sugerida [NO hay obligación ninguna!]. Las donaciones irán al Latin American Disabled People’s Project, que (como nuestro evento) es organizado por voluntarios. Más informacion: http://www.ladpp.org.uk/about-us.html

¡Nos vemos!

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    Nov . 22 . 2016

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