MAYBe, an interactive exploratory performance event, invites you to dive into a night of unknowns. At MAYBe, the audience and the performers will merge in a conglomeration of happenings. Come explore the space, partake in performances, and whatever may be, will be.

Will drinks be plentiful? Maybe
Will audience participation be required? Maybe
Will Björk make a surprise appearance? Maybe

In a night of question marks, performances will most certainly occur. They may be wild or they may be sweet, but MAYBe will certainly be fun.

Shaken out of the head of Shane Shayshay Konno, MAYBe is a playground where make-believe and dress-up are highly encouraged! So come as you are or come as you wish to be.

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    May . 13 . 2015

  • Charlotte Jarvis Artist Residency: Music of the Spheres
  • Born::Free Fridays spoken word chill