Middle of the Road
Middle of the Road

Middle of the Road

In this blessed time of conservatism and austerity, as ‘normcore’ takes over the catwalks and homos turn hetero, three of the UK’s most provocative and irreverent performers have decided to turn their backs on all that weirdo queer shit and start toeing the party line. Life is better when we’re all the same.

‘There is nothing quite like him: bold and unique, electrifying and disarmingly humane’ TIME OUT on David Hoyle

Grand Dame of political drag David Hoyle joins forces with obnoxious little shits Bourgeois & Maurice on a musical journey through some of the most offensively ‘middle of the road’ music around, as well as some original, heartfelt compositions. They’ve tried battling against the system, now they want to join it, hug it and sing it a few lullabies.

‘Musical comedy’s answer to the Manson family’ EVENING STANDARD on Bourgeois & Maurice

Following previous one-off collaborations Middle of the Road sees the threesome unite for a whole new, full performance event, taking place at East London’s experimental cultural hub LimeWharf.

This is everything you ever wanted to happen to a James Blunt song. And more.


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    Oct . 18 . 2014

  • First Thursday: Morris Monroe & Yeast London Caberet
  • Oozing Gloop&Angel Rose- Serious Fun zine launch