Q&A with Sophie Labelle (author of Assigned Male)
Q&A with Sophie Labelle (author of Assigned Male)

Q&A with Sophie Labelle (author of Assigned Male)

Action For Trans Health London is hosting a Question and Answer session with the amazing Sophie Labelle.

Sophie Labelle is probably best known for her humorous, inspiring and moving webcomic ‘Assigned Male’ (http://assignedmale.tumblr.com/) but she has also done other types of work with trans youth (trans-centred sex education, talks, workshops…).

We are hosting this two-hour event to get inspired by each other, hold space for one another and to have a good time together. Come to have a conversation about empowering trans youth, creating comics, transfeminist activism and the relationship between art and activism.

The event is free but we encourage people (especially those who are cis) to donate some money. There will be zero tolerance of transphobia, racism, islamaphobia, ableism or any other type of oppressive beaviour. If you have any questions regarding this, send us a message.

The venue is a fully wheelchair accessible venue with gender neutral toilets. There is a quiet space. We can also cover travel costs for those who need it. If you have any other accessibility needs, please send us a message and we will address them.

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    Oct . 02 . 2017

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