Resis’Dance Feminist Militia Workshop
Resis’Dance Feminist Militia Workshop

Resis’Dance Feminist Militia Workshop

Resis’dance music collective will be hosting a womens’ militia training session for all female and non binary women to come along and learn how to keep the space safe on Saturday the 24th September. Wear loosed fitted light clothes and get ready for some sweat and radicalisation. All militia on the night should feel confident enough to look after the space and keep the party popping!

Please click ‘attending’ or send us an email to resisdancelondon@gmail.com if you’re serious about coming to the feminist militia training as well as being available on the night to be part of the safer spaces CREW.

Militia must be ready to tackle dance-floor racism, homophobia and misogyny using trained de-escalation and removal tactics, work as a team to safeguard the vulnerable, be able to spot and immediately interject unwanted touching! And more.. everyone involved in this training will roll over onto our safer spaces crew team for our Christmas party and further Resis’dance events!

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    Sep . 21 . 2016

  • LimeWharf 2.0 @London Design Festival
  • The Shay Shay Show Kool 4 Skool