Sexual Avengers- Reclaiming Pride
Sexual Avengers- Reclaiming Pride

Sexual Avengers- Reclaiming Pride

What does it mean to be ‘Proud’ in London in 2017?

Pride, as a date on the calendar, as a space in our city and as a feeling in our hearts is under attack; from depoliticisation by local authorities, from commercialisation by corporate pinkwashers and by negligence and cooptation by our own community.

Sexual Avengers are hosting an afternoon and evening of talks, discussion and partying to celebrate the essence of Pride – as a protest, as a resistance, as a celebration and as a party.

Starting at 5pm we’ll be hosting a Queer Show and Tell to explore how different members of the LGBTQIA+ community experience Pride. We’ll talk about Pride in London and how the community has dispersed into UK Black Pride, the Queer Picnic and other celebrations of the queer identity.

Talks and discussion will be from 5-7, Queer Writes Poetry from 7-8, followed by drinks, Resis’dance DJ’s and dancing. FULL LINE UP SOON.

The event is free but we will have a donation bucket on the door raising money for a fund to enable more LGBTQIA+ people to take part in queer activism.


LimeWharf is an accessible, gender-neutral space. Sexual Avengers is queer-led and queer-majority but we actively encourage participation by all genders and sexualities. We operate on trans-inclusive, intersectional feminist principles.

If you have any questions, would like to see our safer spaces policy or would just like to speak to a human before you come in person please feel free to contact any of the organisers personally.

For our main page, please like https://www.facebook.com/sexulavengers/


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    May . 30 . 2017

  • The ShayShay Show ~ **ArTsY FaRtSy**
  • Writing & Performance Intensive (London)