Space For Ideas: How to become a social entrepreneur
Space For Ideas: How to become a social entrepreneur

Space For Ideas: How to become a social entrepreneur


Tuesday 26 Nov 2013 18:30

Space For Ideas: How to become a social entrepreneur


From next to nothing over a decade ago there has been a proliferation of social

entrepreneurship training. But are you born a social entrepreneur with the very special skills that you will need… or can you be taught or trained… or can you find ways of learning the skills that are needed to take your ideas through to “world domination”?


Our three speakers are all finding exciting ways of encouraging young people to learn the skills of social entrepreneurship… and then to go on and make a difference in the world:


  • Oli Barratt invented Make Your Mark With A Tenner, which gave 10,000 £10 notes to school children and asked them to multiply this through entrepreneurial activity.
  • Lily Lapenna developed Enterprise In A Box for MyBnk. Just like Monopoly you simply follow the instructions. But unlike Monopoly you end up with a profit of real money.
  • Ben Ramsden developed the Pantrepreneurship Challenge whereteams of students

compete to sell fairly traded organic underwear and win a prize of seeing the cotton

grown and turned into Pants2Poverty.

  • Alastair Wilson, who will chair the evening, runs the School for Social Entrepreneurs, which provides experiential learning to people starting out on their projects.


You will find out what it takes to be a social entrepreneur and the skills that you need

to develop, and at the same time you will be inspired by four amazing people who have “been there and done it”. It will give you a new perspective on how to make your mark on the world and what you need to do to get started.


You will be asked to come up with some new ideas for Enterprises-In-A-Box, and you will be challenged to come up with your own ideas for how to turn £20 into £50 or even more as a starting point for developing enterprise skills. And those with good ideas will receive a crisp £20 note to help them get started!


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Space for ideas is an event series co-created by LimeWharf, GoodPeople, CIVA, and The Exponentials. The evenings explore a variety of topics, and we are striving to create a perfect balance between inspirational talks and collaborative discussions. Our collective mission is to create a platform where good people can connect, learn, explore and make good ideas happen. We welcome you to join us on this adventure.

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