Space For Ideas: “Impossible Ideas & How to Make Them Happen”
Space For Ideas: “Impossible Ideas & How to Make Them Happen”

Space For Ideas: “Impossible Ideas & How to Make Them Happen”

Tuesday 10 Dec 2013 18:30

Space For Ideas: “Impossible Ideas & How to Make Them Happen”


Curated by Michael Norton


It is ideas that change the world. From lending money to the poor to dealing with gang violence, social entrepreneurs have been inventing solutions to the problems they find in their communities and in the wider world. These are often “impossible people”, people with a vision who are determined, passionate, persistent, risk taking who are prepared to give it a go. Their ideas often appear impossible – completely new and sometimes counter-intuitive ways of doing things which they have invented.


This evening will show how impossible people with impossible ideas can change the

world. It will feature three extraordinary and very different people who make things



  • Geoff Mulgan, currently Director of NESTA, the foundation promoting innovation, as a young graduate founded DEMOS, which became the leading think tank of the late 1990s pioneering such ideas as The Third Way. He then led the Young Foundation as a worthy successor to Michael Young.
  • Annys Darkwa, herself an ex-prisoner, founded Vision Housing to rehouse prisoners on discharge. Her staff are also ex-offenders and their mix of shared experience and compassion is resettling a growing number of offenders who are becoming ex-offenders.
  • Kofi Oppong is co-founder of Circle Sports, an award-winning social enterprise which trains unemployable young people for jobs in sportswear retailing.


These three people will share their journey and their secrets, and they will challenge you to do something to make a difference to the world with your own impossible ideas.


The second half of the evening will be in small groups around specific themes. Participants will all be invited to come up with “impossible ideas” which will be put into an “ideas bank”. Each group will be asked to present one idea, explain the problem to be solved, their idea for solving it, and three immediate steps they would take to put it into action. Participants will then be invited to collaborate to take some of these ideas forward.


The six themes will be:

  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Engagement and employment for young people.
  • The big society of active and cohesive communities.
  • Offending behaviour, crime and punishment.
  • Older people in an aging society.
  • Environmental awareness and action.


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    Dec . 10 . 2013

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