Spitalfields Music Festival presents MURAL

Spitalfields Music Festival presents MURAL

Thursday 5 – Tuesday 10 June
MURAL installation
MURAL will also be performed live with EXAUDI on Sunday 8 June.

Sunday 8 June
£15 unreserved (students £5)

James Weeks director/composer
Sam Belinfante film artist

What does it mean to belong to the world?

MURAL is a multimedia investigation of the places we occupy in the world: both our domestic and intimate surroundings as well as the vast untamed spaces that extend beyond our immediate walls. The wall becomes the central image of the work – mapping, dividing or encircling a terrain – and its constituent bricks; individual pieces amassing to create a larger enclosing structure.

On entering MURAL the audience is confronted with a fragmented video wall portraying ideas of boundary, interiority and exteriority, while two separated quartets of singers will perform in parallel, surrounding the audience in sound and image. The music articulates a range of quotations ranging from essays of John Cage and poetry of Fernando Pessoa to critiques of the art of Vermeer.

Running time: 1 hour

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    Jun . 10 . 2014

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