The ShayShay Show – Dreamland

The ShayShay Show – Dreamland

The ShayShay Show – Dreamland

How often do you wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night only to discover the real world is ever scarier?

Well we may not be able to impeach Trump, stop climate change, and purge Hollywood of its predators in just one night, but we can dare to dream! Welcome to my Dreamland…

I dream of Asian actors as household names
I dream of seeing Latinx cultures on TV
I dream of black queer narratives in musuems
I dream of disabled transwomen running the world
I dream of seing more QPOC in queer venues

Headlining the show is multi-disciplinary performance artist marikiscrycrycry, whose work is built around the ontologies of Black and Queer aesthetics against our current political moment.
There newest work $elfie$ is on at Hackney Showrooms Nov 27.

Coco Femme Fontaine
Le Fil
Don One

This ShayShay Show is devoted to highlighting Queer People of Colour. If that’s you or someone you know, please get in touch with ShayShay@limewharf.org to join the Dreamland line-up.


Entry £5
Doors at 6pm
Shows start at 7:30pm
Friday 17th Nov @ Limewharf

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    Nov . 17 . 2017

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