The ShayShay Show Regeneration
The ShayShay Show Regeneration

The ShayShay Show Regeneration

Everything has gone topsy-turvy. The villains are in power, and the fabrics of our society are unravelling. The world isn’t working. Has anyone tried turing it off and back on again? Maybe unplug, and plug it back in? It’s time for a reset! It’s time for…

At the next ShayShay Show, let’s create an imagined future full of care for each other and care for our planet. A future where we’re we are all caramel and queer. This show will be specifically spotlighting Queer Performers of Colour!!!

Rebekah Ubuntu
& ShayShay (duh.)

The House of Bidget
& YOU!!! (If you are a QTIPOC performer and have an act about:
regeneration/ transformation/ recycling/ colour/ rebirth/ queer futures/ regrowth/ nature/ unity/ earth
Please get in touch with me ShayShay@elianstefa.com)

doors 6pm. show 7:30pm.
£5 entry

Mother Earth will be in attendance, as she always is.

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    Mar . 24 . 2017

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