UnRitual II
UnRitual II

Artist in Residence

UnRitual II

This Friday the 13th. LimeWharf presents…UnRitual II

This time around, we shall summon
The flesh of the UnSpoken
UnRavel the societal tapestry
UnVeil your third eye
Celebrate your UnBirthday

M Lamar (NYC)
Tsinder Ash
Jacob Aria
Asher Fynn
SONOROUS sound instillation by Tsinder Ash
& more unReal and unUsual creatures of the night

Doors at 7, performances all night


London-based recording and performance artist TSINDER ASH has played venues throughout the UK, Europe and the US. Collaborating with musicians from London, Canada and the States.

Having little regard for the confines of the stage, live performances are spontaneous and confronting. With vocals that range from a deep blues to whimsical folk and a style that derives influences from a range of musical genres, live shows extend beyond the bounds of traditional songwriting performance.

Tsinder will perform new tracks from the forthcoming LP ‘THE ECSTASY OF MAKING THINGS WORSE’ as well as installing a brand new sound instillation SONOROUS In the corridors of LimeWharf.


M LAMAR is a New York City-based composer, musician, performer, multimedia artist, and counter tenor. With his signature ‘Negrogothic’ style M. Lamar plumbs the depths of all-American trauma with visionary verve.”Hilton Als wrote in the pages of the New Yorker of M. Lamar “he deconstructs the persona of the diva even as he wraps himself in divalike hauteur.”

‘From the ashes and ruins of long dead earth and the infinite blacknesses of what will be the year 2116 emerges M. Lamar’s “Funeral Doom Spiritual: For Male Soprano, Piano, and Electronics.” “Funeral Doom Spiritual” is a song of mourning for what Antony Paul Farley calls “the motionless movement of death through slavery, segregation, and neo-segregation.” Drawing on themes of apocalypse, end times, and rapture found in Negro Spirituals, this new performance by Lamar explores radical historical expressions and futuristic longings for DESTRUCTION of the white supremacist world order. Lamar’s “Funeral Doom Spiritual” is a futuristic salvaging of the Negro spirit destroyed in the flames of the western world.’

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    Artist in Residence

  • Date :

    May . 13 . 2016

  • RCA workshop
  • Robert Hesp: Dance Residency & HARD C*CK performance