V&A Digital Futures & Electronic Visual Arts London pre-conference showcase
V&A Digital Futures & Electronic Visual Arts London pre-conference showcase

Event, Exhibition

V&A Digital Futures & Electronic Visual Arts London pre-conference showcase

Special event and EVA London pre-conference showcase of demonstrations and networking drinks organised by EVA and V&A Digital Futures.
The event consists of an artist showcase and lightning talks.

Participating artists and work presented:

Joanne Armitage & Kia Ng. Unheard Sounds
An installation exploring the relationship between the haptic and auditory sensory mediums in the context of music composition. Throughout this work, the haptic communication channel is considered as an instrument and/or as a purely expressive medium. This will be the premier of a recent composition-installation ‘unheard’ sounds. ‘Unheard’ sounds, explores the relationship between the auditory and somatic sensory systems by highlighting aspects of sound, such as masked noises, beats and other interplay that appear less apparent in an audio mix. Visitors will experience a new dimension of musical expressivity, feeling parallel sensations of sound on their body.

Eleanor Lisney & Kirsten Forkert. Images of protest in social media for the virtual community
A collation of images, videos and photographs used in social media for the protest movements in the UK, with a focus on disabled people, during this era of austerity. It shows the importance of citizen journalism when mainstream journalism is said to have ignored the numbers of people engaging in protests. The work is part of Eleanor Linsey’s Phd research on disability culture using the prism of social media in an era of austerity.
http://eleanorlisney.co.uk/, http://www.bcu.ac.uk/media/research/research-staff/kirsten-forkert

Elke Reinhuber. Face Value – Augmented Reality enhanced Photography
Famous surrealist Hans Richter knew about the ‘Dreams That Money Can Buy’ (1947), yet most of the time, they are not for sale but priceless. Still, money can buy many things and some of those are beyond the realms of reality. Concurrently, banknotes are nothing more than colourful inks and holofoils on paper or plastic but have the implicit power attributed to them by mighty institutions and individuals. So the bond between money and dreams is fragile but prevalent since both depend on the powers of imagination.
The“Face Value” series are photographic enlargements of eyes from ‘heroes’ on banknotes from various countries. The text and figures you find with an augmented reality app are quotes from specialists on finance and graphs of different situations. http://www.eer.de

Hadi Mehrpouya, Chris Barker and Mina Braun. Zaytoun
Zaytoun is a piece dedicated to over 60 years of Palestinian struggle to carve out an existence under the yoke of physical and cultural oppression. This works focuses on the current 50 days war in occupied Palestine and the stories included within the work are collected from individuals living inside Gaza strip, Jerusalem and the West Bank, reporting the current crisis. http://hadi.link

Jinhee Kim. A Fortune-telling Bird
A Fortune-telling Bird is the first product of Supersti+Tech Project. “Supersti+Tech” is a compound word of “Superstition” and “Technology”. The purpose of this project is to reinterpret superstition with new media devices through which juxtaposes and combines various paradoxical concepts such as irrational versus rational, fiction versus fact, and virtual versus real. A Fortune-telling Bird is an interactive installation providing its participant’s fortune via Twitter. It prints a paper which has a random tweet taken from real-time Twitter based on the following fourteen fortune-related English keywords: good, bad, happy, sad, life, love, work, health, money, luck, future, god, chance, and destiny. www.kimjinhee.com

Chris Henschke. Nature of the Apparatus / Edge of the Observable
‘The Nature of the Apparatus’ experimentally expresses the dynamics within the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), using 4K video shot on site, ranging from old near- abandoned experimental zones (including what the CERN scientists call ‘The Black Hole’) to the 10,000 ton CMS detector which manifested the Higgs Boson, or ‘God Particle’. As well as conveying the almost overwhelming scale and complexity of the science and technology involved, the video also expresses the unimaginable energies produced in the giant apparatus.
‘Edge of the Observable’ explores the limits of materiality and knowledge, through an experimental manifestation of data taken from experiments at the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector at the LHC. The work seeks to manifest the dynamic and expressive parameters of particle collision events – to quote New Materialist philosopher Manuel De Landa, ‘even humble atoms can interact with light and energy in a way that literally expresses their identity.’ https://www.youtube.com/user/drhenschke

Eric Lesdema and Stephanie Bolt. Butchery By Light
Lesdema’s series Butchery by Light hints at civilisation’s certificate of conformity embedded in a program that – with its JPEG compression – can only but allude. Butchery by Light proposes an aesthetic approach of the notion of the scandalous, a spectrum of sufferance (toleration). Stuart Hall described the series to be ‘visually stunning.’ Hall added with Butchery by Light ‘We are near, and sometimes beyond, the limits of identity.’

Tomi Dufva and Mikko Dufva. FRACTALNOIA – 11 datasets you cannot believe just happened
The collection of data is increasing exponentially and it is more and more available to the general public as private databases are opened up. This Big Data holds promises of new insights, unparalleled innovation, even artificial intelligence. However, the ubiquity and availability of data connected to our human desire to see patterns where none exist means that humans have to deal with increasing amounts of meaningless data analysis, “fact-based” conspiracy theories and click-bait infographics. As the data is all digital, it morphs easily into whatever we want, releases itself from the context and appears on fashionable graphs that may look nice, but carry no meaning. FRACTALNOIA shows how arbitrary and easy it is to make “data analysis”, deduce causations from correlations and combine different datasets. In addition, it gives the audience a physical feeling of the datasets, although it is inherently false, to further point out how the context of the dataset can be chosen. http://www.tomidufva.com

Steve DiPaola & Sara Salevati. Reflections of Essence
‘Reflections of Essence’ intermingles within the disruptive themes of generative art, body, embodied performance, modeled creativity and cognitive science. Our affective creative AI software process looks deeply at the 2000 year old practice of fine art portrait painting and uses art styles, palette and artists’ cognitive creative processes and emotional modelling to produce generative and interactive final art work. Traditional self-portraits celebrated individuality. Modern self-portraits; “selfies” allow for expression of mood and sharing of experience. Selfies are a form of social interaction relying heavily on context and on-line existence. They may be instant but their existence is lived and distributed. Our work models these art/social/cognitive notions in AI software process that creates paintings generatively using texture synthesis, cognitive synthesis (palettes/ rules of painting) as well as emotional mapping validated from our two studies. http://www.dipaola.org

Esteban Garcia Bravo, Jorge A. Garcia and Aaron Zernack. Fifteen points (XV)
Fifteen points (XV) defines the configuration of diverse reactive spaces. The body-sensitive installation can be described as a shifting architecture, delineated by mathematically arranged quadrilaterals and textures that display ambiguous perspectives, while a generative soundscape orchestrates the entire experience. www.snebtor.org

The presentation of the 3D-Lab at Digital Futures focuses mainly on exhibits from collections of several museums in Berlin that were replicated by 3D-scanners and 3D-printers. The 3D-scanning and production of most of the presented objects was made possible by a grant from the EFRE (European Fund for Regionals Development) to perform a cooperation currently with four museums in Berlin. In addition to scaled replicas of neo-classical sculptures and other museum exhibits the 3D-Lab will present other examples in the context of arts and science. Replicas of objects from various fields of interest such as fossilized bones basing on CT-scans or a model of the planetoid Vesta using a 3D-model made from satellite measurements have been manufactured in the recent past as wel as a 3D-print basing on the combination of a computed tomography scan and a structured light scan of a bust of Pharao Akhenaten depicting its appearance before the newest restoration. The 3D-Lab cooperates not only with scientific institutions and enterprises from a wide range of areas of interest but also with artists since its foundation. Therefore the presentation includes some sculptural objects as well.

Plus projection mapping software demonstration/workshop by Alex May.

EVA London is one of the international EVA conferences (Electronic Visualisation & the Arts). The first EVA conference was held in 1990. These are events where people using or interested in the new technologies can share their experiences and network in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere. Its focus is on the development and application of visualisation technologies, including art, music, dance, theatre and the sciences.

V&A Digital Futures is a monthly meetup and open platform for displaying and discussing the work by researchers, artists, designers, companies and other professionals working with art, design, technology, science and beyond. It is also a networking event, bringing together people from different backgrounds and disciplines with a view to generating future collaborations.

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    Jun . 07 . 2015

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