‘VANISHING ENTITIES’ gathers together and opens a Pandora’s Box of happenings focused on the big issue of life and death.

During the evening a series of audience participatory and interactive pieces will unfold, including a so-called death café: a group directed discussion of death. ‘VANISHING ENTITIES’ will also showcase films, performance lectures, live art events and scientific dance performances.

Death is inevitable: a journey into infinite mystery that adds a whole new existential dimension to life. It can be taken for granted, repressed or misunderstood, this blind departure point of the life force from the body.

But is physical death really the end of man?

Blending the creative projects of 19 specially invited artists, ‘VANISHING ENTITIES’ is part of this year’s London Science Festival.

Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou l Anna McDonald l Aoife Flynn l Artur Vidal l Charlotte CHW l Charlotte Law l Helen Pynor l Joey O’Gorman l Eleanor Bowen l French & Mottershead l Geneviève Favre Petroff l Marina Tsartsara l Myrianthe Sozou Naomi Tattum l Panagiotis Pentaris & Death Café l Peta Clancy l Serena Porrati l Super System

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    Nov . 14 . 2014

  • Oozing Gloop&Angel Rose- Serious Fun zine launch
  • Hermes Experiment presents Soundscapes