Jana & Bruce have documented LimeWharf since 2012

Bruce Atherton and Jana Chiellino are the creative pair behind Atherton-Chiellino photography of the arts.


Specialized in the photography of many different forms of artistic expression, which include fine art, theatre, dance, music and creative events, they have collaborated with singular artists, performers and models as well as artistic institutions and on large scale events.

They both come from quite diverse backgrounds in the field of the arts and have decided to use the medium of photography as a means of exploring new ideas together. They look at the photographing of art as an art form in itself and draw upon their own experiences to enter into an empathy with the subjects in front of their lenses, with the aim of making photographs which are in themselves a form of creative expression.


Bruce Atherton is an accomplished fine artist who has been both photographing and filming for many years. After living and working in Rome for 10 years he is currently running a production studio based in East London. Bruce received a distinction in his master degree in Digital Art at the University of the Arts, London, and has worked for many prestigious clients on a multitude of creative projects.

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Jana Chiellino studied DAMS (Performing Arts) in Rome and Bologna (Italy) and completed her Master in Dramaturgy for Theatre and Film in Germany with distinction. From early on, she followed her passion for photography, which she studied first as an autodidact, then at the Cineteca di Bologna and at Central St. Martins specializing in alternative photographic processes for her own practice. Throughout the years, she continued working for several theatre and film productions and festivals. Jana is currently doing a Master Degree in Fine Art Photography at the London College of Communication.

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  • Thomas Ermacora & LimeWharf Construction Team
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