Be Your Own Souvenir, blablabLAB

Be Your Own Souvenir, blablabLAB

Be Your Own Souvenir, blablabLAB

Adhocracy – a ‘new industrial revolution’

‘The world of people who make things is in upheaval… the maximum expression of design today is the process – the activation of open systems, tools that shape society by enabling self-organisation’, says Joseph Grima, curator of forthcoming exhibition Adhocracy.

Be Your Own Souvenir, blablabLAB

The show, which opens next week in east London’s LimeWharf Gallery, aims to highlight what organisers suggest is a ‘new industrial revolution’, catalysed by new technologies such as low-cost digital prototyping.

Stratigraphic Manufactury by Unfold.

Now, says Grima, the factory of the first Industrial Revolution is being superseded by the workshop – whether for innovations in the medical world,  furniture design or even weapons manufacturing.

Improvisation Machine, Annika Frye

The show has previously been held in Istanbul and in New York, and has been adapted for the London space by urban designer and Limewharf Gallery curator Thomas Ermacora.

ReDone Bicycle, ReDo Studio

Designers from around the world will be showing work, ranging from objects and artifacts to films and  several on-site laboratories.

Giancarlo de Carlo, Autlab

The gallery claims the show will form a ‘tour de force in speculative thinking about our future, positioning open design and distributed manufacturing as new engines for unprecedented networks of creation and problem-solving around the world’.

Autoprogettazione, Enzo Mari

Adhocracy runs from 4 September – 12 October at LimeWharf, Vyner Street, London E2

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