Past: Artist in Residence
Charlotte Jarvis

Charlotte Jarvis

“LimeWharf supported my practice with a two month residency and exhibition of the project Music of the Spheres. The residency included a free studio and access to the exhibition space, which was invaluable in allowing me to experiment with the project and test out my ideas in a supportive environment.”

Charlotte Jarvis is currently in collaboration with Prof. Hans Clevers from the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht where she created the project Et in Arcadia Ego, in which Charlotte grew a tumour, genetically identical to herself, but outside her own body. Charlotte is also a visiting lecturer at the Design Interactions and Information Experience Design Departments at The Royal College of Art.

In 2013 Charlotte collaborated with the Netherlands Proteomics Centre to make Ergo Sum, a project in which she donated skin, blood and urine to stem cell researchers in Leiden. These samples were transformed into stem cells and then used to grow a ‘second self’ consisting of beating heart tissue, active brain cells and structured blood vessels. Ergo Sum received The Artists and Designers for Genomics Award. Previously to Ergo Sum, Charlotte collaborated with the NPC on Blighted by Kenning; an Arts Council UK funded project in which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was encoded into DNA and used to create apples from the tree of knowledge.

For the past four years Charlotte has been collaborating with Prof. Nick Goldman at The European Bioinformatics Institute. Music of the Spheres utilises recent bioinformatics technology to encode a new musical recording by The Kreutzer Quartet into DNA. The DNA has been suspended in soap solution and used to blow bubbles. The project was presented in a series of performances and solo installations in 2015.

Since graduating from her MA at the Royal College of Art Charlotte has exhibited internationally in the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Ireland, Austria, Germany and North America. Most recently Charlotte exhibited at MU Eindhoven, the Wellcome Collection in London, WAAG in Amsterdam, Droog in Amsterdam, Naturalis in Leiden and The Science Museum in Dublin.

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    Jan . 22 . 2015

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