Dex Grodner

Dex Grodner

Dex Grodner

Dex Grodner is a genderqueer reform Jew, a queer historian, poet, drag artist, stylist and political activist and educator. Forever twirling on the TFL, they are still waiting to be paid for the contribution to public trans*port. 
Wearing many different hats (and wigs) their work frequently explores the network of borders and binaries which control and divide states, genders and generations. They aim to make a nuisance of themselves, disrupting to create space for reflection.
 Photo Credit:
Aoife Mc Bride for the Chanel plastic bag
Cloudy Moroni for the yellow dress blue fan


Homos and Houmous

Welcoming all hebrews, shebrews and theybrews, goys and gals. (All welcome)

Homos and Houmous is a queer, Jewish performance nightwhich is returning for its long-awaited second installment. So bring your gay cousin, your nan and your rabbi down to Limewharf, a beatiful queer DIY performance space in Bethnal Green for a night of music, drag, cabaret, poetry.

Most aspects of life require the closeting of one or both of these aspects of our identity. We’re often torn between these two separate cultures. So join us for an evening of performance, exploring what queer Jews have to offer.

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    Nov . 06 . 2017

  • Katlego Kai Kolanyane-Kesupile