Past: Artist in Residence
EAST Creative Agency

EAST Creative Agency

East Creative was founded by Jamie Tagg and Glyn Fussell in 2013. They have a strong combined background in bookings, production, music and fashion.

We’re the team behind some of the UK’s brightest, biggest and most progressive entertainment experiences.

LimeWharf are the most welcoming, supportive space from which a business can grow.  For us, having the perfect location, space to create, perform, rehearse, socialise, sit at a desk and have meetings, LimeWharf was the making of us.  Housing our club night Sink The Pink and all its requirements is no mean feat, but there is nothing that Tam and the team wouldn’t do for us, we feel honoured and blessed to be part of LimeWharf’s story and are so proud to see members of our crew working there and putting on successful nights in the space.  We were also able to launch our company East Creative Agency at LimeWharf, making the most of the incredible space, strong internet and great vibes.  We are eternally grateful to LimeWharf for supporting us as we found our feet.”


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    Aug . 31 . 2014

  • Born :: Free Poetry – Belinda Zhawi & Chima Nsoedo
  • David Hoyle/Bourgeois & Maurice