Ela Xora-Sleeping Hermaphroditus

Ela Xora-Sleeping Hermaphroditus

Ela Xora-Sleeping Hermaphroditus

Mask maker and artist Ela Xora will be performing another Sleeping Hermaphroditus exhibition, incorporating a hunger strike, at the Futures Museum from Thursday 23rd, which is focused on Cambridge Museums and Professor Mary Beard from Cambridge. The artist explains “I will remain dormant on the floor of the Futures Museum, like the “non binary” ancient sculptures that Cambridge Museums and others ban to this day, until Mary Beard, the world’s most famous Professor of classics from Cambridge, apologises for her historically, biologically and morally wrong comments regarding this famous non binary bodied artwork, published in her recurring “Don” blog for The Times.


Mary Beard. I will not eat, I will not speak. I will just sleep, until you speak…the truth.

Until Professor Beard takes off the binary goggles and the non binary merkin…until she then finally puts on her glasses and publicly states that this non binary Sleeping Hermaphroditus sculpture, banned by the Museum of classical archaeology in Cambridge, is NOT female from one side and male from the other, until she admits this is an “intersex” body, from every single angle, then I will be unable to rise.


Over my dead body will powers at Cambridge continue to mask this pivotal non binary body in classics, which is still retained like the elephant in the room  … unless this ancient non binary body, erased largely from history and the modern age, like intersex people themselves, is not spoken about accurately …I Hermaphroditus, will not awaken… “


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    Nov . 21 . 2017

  • Dex Grodner