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Ela Xora

Ela Xora

Mask maker and artist Ela Xora will be performing another Sleeping Hermaphroditus exhibition, incorporating a hunger strike, at the Futures Museum from Thursday 23rd November 2017, which is focused on Cambridge Museums and Professor Mary Beard from Cambridge. The artist explains “I will remain dormant on the floor of the Futures Museum, like the “non binary” ancient sculptures that Cambridge Museums and others ban to this day, until Mary Beard, the world’s most famous Professor of classics from Cambridge, apologises for her historically, biologically and morally wrong comments regarding this famous non binary bodied artwork, published in her recurring “Don” blog for The Times.


Mary Beard. I will not eat, I will not speak. I will just sleep, until you speak…the truth.

Until Professor Beard takes off the binary goggles and the non binary merkin…until she then finally puts on her glasses and publicly states that this non binary Sleeping Hermaphroditus sculpture, banned by the Museum of classical archaeology in Cambridge, is NOT female from one side and male from the other, until she admits this is an “intersex” body, from every single angle, then I will be unable to rise.


Over my dead body will powers at Cambridge continue to mask this pivotal non binary body in classics, which is still retained like the elephant in the room  … unless this ancient non binary body, erased largely from history and the modern age, like intersex people themselves, is not spoken about accurately …I Hermaphroditus, will not awaken… “




New Oxbridge + London art exhibitions 2017 – THE MASK OF INTERSEX

THE MASK OF INTERSEX premiered at the Pitt Rivers Museum in the University of Oxford on Saturday 11th Feb 2017 and featured an exclusive 30min audio art piece by Stephen Fry. The exhibition then transferred to the Futures Museum in East London, which featured a performance art piece called “Wake Up Call” with Olympic athlete Paula Radcliffe. THE MASK OF INTERSEX is the finale to a 2 year, Oxbridge based series of intersex exhibitions, which began at the Museum of classical archaeology in Cambridge, and have featured notable art collaborations with Stephen Fry, as well as Game of Thrones actresses Lena Headey and Natalia Tena. The exhibition opens at the University of Cambridge next month.


Ela Xora is a visual and performance artist from London, specializing in hallmarked 999 silver masks. Xora’s art exhibitions have been widely covered in the press and the artist even appeared on the front cover of the Independent On Sunday for her exhibition “The Silver Bo(X)”.

Xora recently held her latest exhibition “Signs of Intersex People” at the University of Cambridge and at the Guernika Gallery in Soho, London.  Xora recently previewed some of the exhibition and its narrative at the Royal College of Art, after being asked by Head of Fashion and Boudicca label owner Zowie Broach to give a presentation. Xora has amassed a significant celebrity following, with Stephen Fry recently promoting her forthcoming exhibition on social media, also signing her new art campaign for the UK gov to finally announce an Intersex Equality Inquiry alongside Ian McKellen.

Xora has had an incredibly productive year so far, having completed an exhibition at the Limehwharf Gallery in East London’s central art hub called “Born that Way : Unmasking Intersex People” with art works from this exhibition published by the Independent On Sunday and the BBC among others. The exhibition had an exclusive 2 part launch at the University of Cambridge, with Lady C aka Georgina Ziadie being the muse for the exhibition, alongside best selling intersex author Joe Holliday and Suz Temko, both nominated on this years Independent On Sunday Rainbow List. Xora also premiered her new 999 silver hallmarked masks of largely forgotten Intersex deities in early Western culture in an exhibition called “Through a glass, darkly : Unmasking ancient deities and intersex identities”, which took place at the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge alongside the first ever public recital of aural art narrated by Game of Thrones and film actresses Natalia Tena and Lena Headey. The exhibition also broke boundaries by incorporating the first ever public exhibition of the Borghese Hermaphroditus sculpture created by celebrity sculptress Frances Segelman and Xora the year before at a joint exhibition called “Swallowed Phanes, Castrated Agdistis, Captured Hermaphroditus”

Museum of classical archaeology at University of Cambridge – “Through a glass, darkly ; Unmasking ancient deities and intersex identities”

World Arts – Born That Way

World Arts – ‘Through a glass, darkly”

Artlyst – “Through a glass, darkly”

During 2015 Xora launched a series of exhibitions called “Prime Minister, No More Scars” which gained significant coverage in the UK press, including The Independent, BBC, Artlyst and World Arts.

Xora was delighted to be one of the judges at the 2015 Rainbow List for The Independent On Sunday. Xora was featured every week in the Independent On Sunday for a month and was recently interviewed about her role in this years historic event, which will for the first time in its history recognise Intersex people, being rebranded the LGBTI Rainbow List-

Xora Interview – The Independent on Sunday

Xora profile – The Independent On Sunday

Xora new exhibition – The Independent On Sunday

Xora and her art spark challenge to UK government for intersex peoples rights

In 2015 Xora also exhibited new paintings at the Clear Lines Festival in London which featured in numerous publications-

Broadly Magazine

SouthWest Londoner

Playground Magazine

Xora began an Artist In Residency at Limewharf Gallery in East London’s art hub during 2015, hosting a series of exhibitions on the exclusion of full Intersex and Transgender Human Rights in UK law. The first of these was called “The Castration of Agdistis, Cybele, Sarah and many others” which was exclusively featured by BBC World Service and includes poetry narrated by Filmstars and Game of Thrones leading actresses Lena Headey and Natalia Tena. The second exhibition “The Decay (and Disorder) of Lying – Prime Minister No More Scars” included a collaborative work with Frances Segelman and a large collection of other artists.

Xora’s 2014 exhibitions saw her gain considerable acclaim for her art. Xora appeared on the front cover of the Independent On Sunday for her Silver Bo(X) exhibition, as well as appearing in The Mail on Sunday, The Evening Standard and art press (please see press page for links). The artist also presented a joint exhibition with Frances Segelman, celebrity sculptress gaining significant acclaim for her sculptures-

Artlyst – The Captured Hermaphroditus

World Arts – The Captured Hermaphroditus

Xora’s final 2014 exhibition, was her photographic collaboration with iconic photographer Barry Lategan, with the preview hosted by Tobacco Docks, although the actual exhibition at Islington Arts Factory was cancelled due to legal reasons.

Xora muse for Iconic Photographer Barry Lategan – Artlyst

Xora was also asked by Art For Youth director Caitlin Mavroleon to exhibit art works in the annual Art For Youth exhibition at Royal College of Art, where she sold one of her Metaportraits of Grace Jones. Xora was thrilled to also have been asked by RCA fashion director Zowie Broach to give a talk about her work at the Royal College of Art, during Frieze week.

Xora was also asked to donate art works alongside other prominent artists such as Frances Segelman, Tracey Emin, Mark Quinn, Gavin Turk, Idris Khan and Xavier Mascaro for the BE INSPIRED Auction which was hosted by The Saatchi Gallery, to raise vital funds for inspirational arts engagement programmes run for disadvantaged children by The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts (Children & the Arts).

Xora is also thrilled to announce the premiere of her new collection of paintings in 2016 based on portraiture of the golden sport horses she breeds and produces for international show jumping. The first paintings using 24 carat gold dust are called “For the Love of Gold (The Palomino)” and “For the Love of Gold (The Buckskin).






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