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G(end)er Swap is an LGBTQI+ pop up clothing initiative that intends to create a safe and nonjudgmental space for trans, non binary, gender non conforming+ individuals to access clothes that align with their gender identity through organized community clothing swaps. It is a support mechanism that enables gender variant individuals to find a place free from oppressive or discriminatory experiences, to form community with like minded individuals and to freely express who they are!

G(end)er Swap works to break down cis-gendered/binary public experiences such as gendered change room/bathrooms and aims to bring awareness to the barriers gender variant individuals face whilst using main stream shopping facilities including customer service relations and (in)accessible prices and sizes. G(end)er Swap values queer accessibility & visibility through an environmentally sustainable concept. To achieve accessibility we ensure that our clothing stock provides diverse sizes, colors and styles for all different body types and individual tastes. All clothing is free to swap and therefore completely monetarily accessible.

For those who do not have clothing donations to bring, G(end)er Swap provides a large amount of donations at events for anyone to  choose from and promote upcycling clothes as a means to reduce textile waste! Lastly, accessibility means anyone from any background, religion, ethnicity and sexuality is welcome to attend. We do our best to try to ensure that all venues are wheelchair accessible for those with physical impairments.

If you have any specific item requests, would like help in attaining specific resources or have
any related questions please contact: genderswapp@gmail.com

Let’s work together to create more safe spaces so that everBODY is welcome!

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    Sep . 19 . 2017

  • Tsinder Ash
  • Victoria Sin