Goldsnap is an organisation that has been running events and DJ workshops in East London for about a year and a half. During that year we’ve hosted a series of Thursday night parties at notorious venue Dalston Superstore, where we’ve had guests such as Kiddy Smile, K2RAH, Isa GT, English Breakfast London, Shy One and many more take to the decks once a month for our monthly DJ slot.

Goldsnap Resident DJs Mwen, DJ Dibs, & Gin brain-birthed Goldsnap four years ago out of a need for more music focused party nights. Since then the idea has grown into a regular party that focuses on creating safe & accessible party spaces for QTIPOC and their friends, with a focus on great music. Our Resident DJs who are also producers play Live sets and DJ around various parties in London such as, Supa Dupa Fly, Resis’dance, Pussy Palace, etc. and are regularly taking bookings.

Goldsnap’s aim is always been to throw great and free QTIPOC parties as well as support them. Goldsnap is also expanding into the educational side of music. Last year Goldsnap hosted a series of genre-based DJ workshops, which focused on the specifics of DJing Disco, House, Garage and Hip-hop. This year Goldsnap aims to expand into music production. Providing accessible music production courses for queer, trans, intersex people with priority for people of colour who don’t normally have access to courses like these.

For more information / press / inquiries into Golsnap and what we’re up to please send us an email on goldsnapdjs@gmail.com

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    Sep . 26 . 2017

  • Black Mylk
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