Holly Revell

Holly Revell

Holly Revell

Holly did a couple of pop up photo studio Show Offs in the lead up to her exhibition Transformations


Holly Revell’s Transformations

Transformations is a series of images by Holly Revell reflecting the transition from drag back to original self. The images echo post-performance emotion and fatigue, revealing the bodies, which support their queens, and the traces left behind, post-drag. They are about the relationships the artists have with their drag-selves and how they connect.

The series includes images of David Hoyle, Scottee, Ginger Johnson, Jonny Woo, Jacqui Potato, Russella, John Sizzle, A Man to Pet, Dr. Sharon Husbands, Le Gateaux Chocolat, Myra Dubois, Bourgeois and Maurice, Holestar, Lavinia Co-Op, Fagulous, Miss Cairo, Babs (Legs and Coq) Cheryl Dole, Cherry Liquor, Titus Groan, Vanity Von Glow and Tom Harlow.

The work is also about time, process and the capabilities of photography. The images are made in camera recording the whole transition in one shot, the titles reflecting the time it took to transform. The longest exposure was 1258 seconds, whereas the shortest was just 245 seconds, an average photo takes a fraction of a second.

The exhibition will run from Wednesday the 9th March until Friday the 1st April at Lime Wharf with an opening party on the 9th March from 6-9pm to view the works and enjoy some performance from a few of the participants.

The space will be open to visitors between 11am and 5pm weekdays Wednesday to Friday.

The exhibition will also continue at The Glory with portraits from the series on display in the main bar area from Monday the 7th March until Saturday the 19th March with a special viewing event on Monday the 14th March.




Pop up photo studio at 45 Lime Wharf
Wednesday 12th August
3pm – 8pm

In the lead up to my exhibition TRANSformations in September which will feature some of your favourite drag performers, I will be using the space to try out new ideas making queer portraits. If you’d like to take part please email me hollyrev@hotmail.co.uk or just turn up on the day and join in! It’s FREE and you’ll get a lovely picture of yourself!! Ideas I am exploring include drag and the body , drag as performance and queer identities – come and dress up or come as you are and let’s make something special!



A little docu b4 we got going… such a FANTASTIC turnout – THANKS so much to everyone who came and turned it on for me!!!
Got a lorra editing to do now!!!
Pics coming soon!!

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Holly Revell is an experienced photographer and videographer of live performance and all that surrounds it. Combining her interests in the process of photography; its intimacy and how it can ‘make things happen’ with her passion for avant-garde queer performance, she works with its creators making collaborative images and portraits as well as documenting their work.

Revell is an experienced portrait photographer with studio access based in East London or she will come to you to work on location – headshots, portraits, family… http://www.hollyrevell.co.uk/portraits-and-headshots/

Holly is also known for her bespoke photo-booth installations which can be set up at art/cabaret events or hired for private or corporate events…  http://www.hollyrevell.co.uk/photo-booths/

Holly Revell is a photography educator too and offers DSLR training to small groups or on a one to one basis. She also does community photography workshops and has experience working with young people and vulnerable adults. She is employed by Create as well as working on a freelance basis.


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