Lasana Shabazz

Lasana Shabazz

Lasana Shabazz

Lasana performed Minstrels at Limewharf as part of our First Thursday program in 2015, then went on to develop The House of I, and Fierce Vogueing Workshops here. Lasana has performed at Painted Ladies & The ShayShay Show

Minstrels follows Blackman on his epic journey of self-discovery: through skin lightening, via blackface minstrelsy and gangsta rap, along the way encountering a spectrum of characters from tanning enthusiasts to snow queens.

Minstrels is a unique one man show by international performance artist Lasana Shabazz.


The House of I Proposal- Limewharf

In the tradition of Paris is Burning ‘The House of i’ is a creative space
in which innovative and thought provoking artists from a range of
creative backgrounds can share their work. The ethos is to empower
invisible creative voices to become visible.

The launch of ‘The House of i’ will be held on Thursday 5 th February
2015 at Limewharf’s monthly first Thursday evening.

Leading the Launch with his work will be Performance artist and
Mother of The House of i, Lasana Shabazz who will be showing a
ticketed performance of international one man show Minstrels.
Minstrels is a multidisciplinary and multimedia live art piece, which
explores sexuality, race, gender roles and identity. This ticketed show
will be also be accompanied by free interactive installations in
Limewharf exploring the themes of the show.

Also sharing work will be Performance Artist and Filmmaker Jade
Montserat who explores the idea of the exotic drawing reference to
Josephine Baker. Below are links to her work.


‘The House of i’ will also provide an open stage and mic to up and
coming multidisciplinary artists who would like to share tasters of their

House of i Programme

25a Space
18.00-18.45- Jade Montserat performance pieces and short films

19.00-20.00- Lasana Shabazz one man show Minstrels

18.00-21.00- Minstrel Interactive Installations

Label yourself: Catergorize your skin tone and of your desired

Manned Self Love Check up: In the style of a sexual health check up
your self love is examined and physical activities and tasks are

Inscribe the haters: visitors write down hateful and negative words
said about their character by parents, partners, friends and people
who are close to them. At the end of the evening the book is

Who are you: Visitors are able to write down a word that describes
who they are with chalk on the wall, which will be painted black in the
new year


20:00-21:00- Open Mic/Stage
Up and coming artist from various creative backgrounds share work
(Artists will be invited to perform beforehand but some spaces will be
left for artists to share work on the night).

20:00-10:30- DJ Mistamaker
(Founder of Gay Hip HopUK.com)-

Facebook Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1554690314801058



Minstrels by Lasana Shabazz

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    Feb . 01 . 2015

  • Charlotte Jarvis
  • The DH Ensemble (The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble)