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London Contemporary Orchestra

London Contemporary Orchestra

LimeWharf & LCO Soloists pioneer a summer programme of music, pushing/exploring the boundaries of ‘classical’ repertoire

LimeWharf pioneers a forward-thinking summer programme of music, with LCO Soloists & Project Instrumental as Orchestras-In-Residence

LimeWharf pioneers a forward-thinking summer programme of music, showcasing two Orchestras-In-Residence, LCO Soloists & Project Instrumental

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London Contemporary Orchestra Soloists return to LimeWharf for a second residency, presenting a bold and forward-thinking programme, aiming to engage/captivate a diverse and evolving audience. LimeWharf’s Founder and Curator, Thomas Ermacora, welcomes this residency, marking a continued creative relationship and sharing in an ethos of… nurturing young talent/ pioneering accessible programmes/ stimulating conversations etc.

This forthcoming series of LCO Soloist concerts at LimeWharf display the range of their musical palette and the incredible openness of their programming. From Claude Vivier’s Cinq Chansons Pour Percussion (complemented by the sounds of Couperin and Finnis) in the first concert, passing through the ethereal worlds of Jonathan Harvey’s string writing and Delia Derbyshire’s revolutionary electronic creations in the second, this musical journey ends with Morton Feldman’s For John Cage in the third concert, a work that manages to capture both the character of the collaboration between LCO and LimeWharf, but also of the preceding two programmes.

With the welcoming intimacy of LimeWharf and the LCO’s absolute attention to musical detail, these three concerts are symbolic of their dedication to the championing of new sounds. LCO Quote?

LimeWharf invites a second Orchestra-In-Residence as part of the summer musical programme, showcasing London’s dynamic, young, conductor-less chamber orchestra – Project Instrumental, in a thrilling performance of…. LimeWharf and Project Instrumental share in the aim of creating and curating enlivening performance experiences for both audiences and musicians, collaborating across the Arts.

Motivated by the understanding that classical music can be life-enhancing for all, Project Instrumental is the aspiration to make classical music in its most expansive sense, accessible to as broad and undefined an audience as possible. Taking the music out of the usual packaging, Project Instrumental seeks to engage new ears freed from the impression of a prerequisite knowledge, name or identity. (New bio from Harriet) Quote from PI.

LimeWharf/Thomas Ermacora believe this dichotomy of Residencies will enable both orchestras to empower and inspire a diverse audience, marking a new…

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    Aug . 15 . 2013

  • Mattia Bosco
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