Mattia Bosco
Mattia Bosco

Mattia Bosco

Mattia Bosco


Mattia bosco is an Italian artist-philosopher practicing through the mediums of design and sculpture.

After studying philosophy, he now devotes himself to sculpture, working with all kinds of materials but with a special inclination towards stone and ceramic. Mattia views his sculptural works as experiments in method and forms that make up part of his longer-term research in how crafts embody time quests.

The material he is concentrating on at the moment is stone, because of its formal impact as a material. Mattia uses abandonned pieces of stone that he has stumbled across, never blocks from quarries and tries to mimic the work done by time, by erosion, by nature. In doing so he attempts to repossess the stone’s life by taking it to a different level while at the same time attempting to become just one of the agents that affect the stone, the penultimate in a purely chronological sense. He locates the sculptural potential in a stone and works on it so that the part he doesn’t manipulate, almost seems to be more sculpted than the rest.

Working with my hands and my mind, I find something human in a piece of stone and something stone-like in myself. Every stone becomes anthropomorphic, not because it assumes a human appearance – there are no noses, eyes, hands, legs – but because you identify a human presence inside it, …”

“The rough, unworked portions seem, paradoxically, to draw the eye more than the shiny, highly polished ones, as if to suggest that nature is the highest art, and the sole role of art is the emphasis truth” -Marco Tagliafïerro, Artforum


Mattia’s work has previously been exhibited at the Federico Luger Gallery and the 2013 Triennale Design Café, Milan. He has also taken part in the Celadon Project in South Korea, at the invitation of Alessandro Mendini for a revival of the Korean manufacturing tradition.

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    Jul . 13 . 2013

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