The LipSinkers

The LipSinkers

The LipSinkers


The support we received from LimeWharf was amazing. We were given a great space to create our work and everyone we came across was friendly and supportive. We really enjoyed our time there as part of the resident community. Hug thanks, The LipSinkers x

Lisa Lee, The Lipsinkers (Community members 2014-2015)





“Camp, cult and glorious” ***** The Times

“A mad, gorgeous, dreamlike cascade of emotions, apparitions and transformations”
***** The Scotsman

“Utterly leftfield, brilliantly bonkers” ***** Time Out

“Bloody hell, The LipSinkers are amazing” The Guardian

“Possibly the most ridiculous, fun night out ever” The Times

“Watch one of the Capital’s finest cabaret acts!” LondonTown.com

” A marimba of joy: professional and hideous, perfectly timed and chaotic… they’re a McFlurry of acidic, artificial wonder” Erotic Review Magazine

“You’ll be doubled-up with laughter and cheering with astonishment” Flavor Pill

“This is one of the funniest nights that you can have” ViewLondon.co.uk

“Definitely a 5 out of 5 show and a performance that you have to see” The Gay UK

“Absolutely Fabulous!” WhatsonWhen.com

“It was sheer brilliance! The timing was outstanding and it was hilarious, if anybody gets an opportunity to go and watch The LipSinkers…GO!” london-eating.co.uk

“This is cabaret for all the family, as long as that family are the Mansons. Go!!” Londonist

“A soundtrack so cool and varied that we can almost smell Quentin Tarantino’s jealousy” This Is Cabaret

“Gloriously bonkers, utterly over-the-top, delightful, bizarre and perfect barminess” Views From The Gods

“We guarantee you a brilliant night out that will leave you weak and begging for more” Boyz

“Energetic, crazy, shambolic, and most of all great bonkers fun” Daily Info Oxford

“You can’t get more fabulous or alternative than The LipSinkers” QX Magazine

“Just brilliant” This Is Cabaret

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    Nov . 06 . 2014

  • David Hoyle/Bourgeois & Maurice
  • Jono Kitchens- Hot Heels