The Outside Project

The Outside Project

The Outside Project

LimeWharf met The Outside Project via Sexual Avengers in May 2017, they spoke at our Reclaiming Pride event, we first worked with them for The ShayShay Show Spectrum Pride & were proud to host VolunQueer Bash Recruitment fair in October.

The Outside project has volunteers! 😻Here's a clip of one of the comedians, Elf Lyons at last nights volunqueer bash. Every single act had me in stitches, so much laughter! Thank you Chloe from the LOL Word for organising the evenings hilarious comedy acts ❤️😂

Geplaatst door Heather Eco La op zondag 8 oktober 2017



We are LGBTIQ+ colleagues, friends & activists who work in the Homeless sector & have lived experience of homelessness & the complex issues our community face. We are all volunteering to launch this service alongside our work as outreach workers.


Kate, Carla & Lukasz at the VOLUN’QUEERBASH Recruitment fair at LimewharfHeather & Carla attaching the banner to the Pride Punx float at London Pride 2017


The Outside Project is a crisis night shelter service in response to those within the LGBTIQ+ community who feel endangered, who are homeless, ‘hidden’ homeless & feel that they are on the outside of services due to historical & present prejudice in society & in their homes.

  • Empower our community
  • Provide a free, safe, inclusive & caring space for all LGBTIQ+ guests
  • Practically, professionally & emotionally support our guests
  • Develop positive relationships with services & strengthen support to the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Work to bridge the gap felt between our guests & the support available to them
  • Share our knowledge to educate others on the unique & complex needs of the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Advocate for LGBTIQ+ rights & needs within services
  • Promote a clean, safe & sober lifestyle within the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Grow into a full time, year round service with permanent premises & more amenities


  • Identify as LGBTIQ+
  • Have a local connection to London
  • Are in need of crisis shelter housing
  • Will continue to engage with their referring agency (if appropriate)
  • Will approach their LA if it is identified that they are eligible for emergency housing/homeless assistance
  • Will not have a level of drug or alcohol dependency that requires them to use drugs or alcohol during their time in the shelter*
  • Will not have support needs or an offending history that may put other guests or volunteers at risk*

*No hard/fast rule, case by case discussions


We will have an initial 2 month pilot. Winter Shelters are open from as early as October until as late as April. Some shut down over Christmas, referring into the Pan London service run by CRISIS – CRISIS at Christmas. We would like to operate for the full six months – mid October to mid-march & throughout Christmas & eventually all year round.


  • We will be using a 12-bed tour bus as a shelter. The shelter will be parked in a secure location for the duration of the pilot.
  • 12 guests will be welcomed to use the shelter service between 7pm-9am.
  • We have a secure venue to park the shelter with additional storage, washroom & kitchen facilities, meeting & social rooms.
  • Initial 7-day stay & their stay will be reviewed weekly. During the initial 7 day period, each guest will attend a meeting with an outside project worker &/or the referring agency (if available/appropriate) to discuss their support needs & where possible agree a move on plan. Guests will have a weekly 1-1 meeting with an Outside Project worker thereafter.
  • Advocacy & support for our clients to access existing housing & homelessness services if our guests feel comfortable doing so.
  • Encourage & support hosting from within the community.
  • Partnership working with LGBTIQ+ support agencies to provide services for our guests at the project eg: Stonewall Housing, African Rainbow Family.
  • Partnership working with outreach & housing support services, physical, mental & sexual health services, DWP outreach workers, immigration & legal advice services.
  • We will provide simple, donated food eg: pret sandwiches/soup, warm clothing, storage & laundry services.




Where appropriate, referral agencies will take responsibility for the on-going casework & move on of their clients.

We will work with them to ensure our guests feel that their LGBTIQ+ identity is considered & supported during this process.

  • We will request referrals from LGBTIQ+ support services such as the DAP – Stonewall Housing, Galop, Switchboard, London Friend.
  • Other LGBTIQ+ services & support services like the Albert Kennedy Trust, METRO & ELOP.
  • The local outreach team & pan London services & the Local Authority Homeless Persons Unit in the borough we are based in – with reasoning as to why their clients are not eligible for homeless assistance.


Our JustGiving page: TheOutsideProjectChristmas

Our first Justgiving page raised £11461.


We use facebook to organise & promote all events. We have our largest following on this platform.

Twitter & Instagram: @LGBTIQoutside

Daniel Vs. The World & Meth at Her Upstairs – Queer Goes Nothing Fundraiser

Amongst the LGBTIQ+ community:

LGBTIQ+ venues & business’ have been very supportive of the project, often approaching us to organise fundraising events & inviting us to present the project. We will continue to build relationships & attend events within the scene to reach people. In future, we would like to discuss sponsorship & sell merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers/signage & badges with the Outside project Logo.

The wider community/non-scene:

To raise awareness of our service within the LGBTIQ+ community & wider London communities, we will aim to attend as many community events as possible on the bus eg: London Pride, Black Pride, Trans Pride, Lambeth Country fair etc. We would like to attend festivals such as Queer Spirit, Glastonbury, Grassmovement & Shamballa during the summer period as part of the health & wellbeing support services, raising LGBTIQ+ rights awareness & promoting a drug & alcohol free spaces. We will rent out bunks for the night in exchange for a donation. We will offer free bunks to the health & wellbeing services for festival go-ers.

Local Community Outreach:

Wherever the bus is parked we will do community outreach improvingawareness & services locally. It would be especially helpful for us to attend HPU’s, homelessness services, physical & mental health services & drug & alcohol services.

We believe that 1-1 face to face contact is needed in as many services as possible to raise awareness of our service, our guest’s needs & support services to make any changes needed.

We will invite sponsored volunteers to stay at the shelter/on the bus in the weeks leading up to opening & access a support service that our guests will likely access e.g: a daycentre. This will be a great way to recruit & train volunteers, fundraise, promote the service & raise awareness of LGBTIQ+ needs in the services we will be signposting our guests to over the following months. The sponsored volunteer’s donation will also fund the volunteers suggested improvement for the support service e.g: start-up of an LGBTIQ+ forum, rainbow/trans flags, rainbow lanyards, badges & accessible signage for bathrooms.

We have presented the project at several appropriate meetings within the sector such as the East London Delivery Board, Homeless Links Outreach worker forum, Pan London Outreach Womens Network & the local council (to where the shelter will be based) multi-agency Homelessness tasking & targeting meeting. We will continue to attend relevant meetings & encourage the sector to increase awareness amongst their teams about the specific needs of the LGBTIQ+ community.




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