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Stratigraphic Manufactury

Unfold presented Stratigraphic Manufactury for the first time in the inaugural Istanbul Design Biennial. Joseph Grima, curator of the Adhocracy exhibition and former editor of Domus Magazine, commissioned the project featuring Unfold’s continuing work on ceramic 3d printing and its implications on design and manufacturing.

In Stratigraphic Manufactury, Unfold builds on their Stratigraphic Porcelain series started in 2010 with their internationally acclaimed installation l’Artisan Électroniqueand explores methods of manufacturing and distributing design in the dawning era of digital production. Stratigraphic Manufactury is a new model for the distribution and digital manufacturing of porcelain, which includes local small manufacturing units that are globally connected. One that embraces local production variations and influences

Thomas Ermacora brought Dries & the team to London, for a 2 month pop up, with the UK artists Benjamin Matthews & Alicia Ongay Perez



LDN: Benjamin Matthews & Alicia Ongay Perez

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    Nov . 01 . 2013

  • Gregor Riddell
  • Adhocracy-Hexayurt